TRINIDAD BERMÚDEZ – the designer.

Inspired by timeless tradition, classicism and artistic urban style Trinidad Bermúdez is dedicated to creating exclusive designs in leather and suede combining the perfect balance between Luxury, Style and Comfort.


Born and raised by a Mexican father and an American mother in Los Angeles, California, he had the advantage of being surrounded by a melting pot of cultures, nationalities, Hollywood glamour and most importantly fashion and style.


Inspired by his older brother and sister, both renowned flamenco dancers, Trinidad started dance training in ballet at the age of 16. This all lead to a very successful career of 25 years as a lead dancer in some of the most respected companies throughout Europe and the USA in Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance.


During the years of dancing, Trinidad taught himself to sew his own dance clothes to individualize his own identity.
These creations became very popular amongst his colleagues due to the comfort and perfect fit, allowing natural physical movement.


What started out as a hobby now became a new vice for creation and interest in fashion.


During the last years of his dance career, he started to create exclusive garments for private clients Which lead to a natural transition from dance to fashion design. A new career was born !

TBd – the products.

Designed and produced in Europe, all TBd products are limited editions and carefully handcrafted using only the finest quality Spanish lamb skins.


Our production partners in Spain are world-class artisans, utilizing traditional crafting skills handed down for many generations – this in combination with the innovative methods and designs developed by TBd result in modern and unique yet classic and timeless creations.


Each skin is selected personally by our experienced artisans. We only use the finest quality Spanish lamb skins, which are considered the most prestigious and some of the best in the world.


We take pride in the fact that the integration of not only our exclusive designs, innovative and unique methods, but also generations of tradition and skillful workmanship, take away the careful selection of skins and materials, is what sets us apart from the conventional world of mass-production and the lack of individuality.


Our highest priority is to always offer our clients truly exclusive designs which combine a perfect balance between Luxury, Style and Comfort.


URBAN CHOLO – the story

Cholo is a personal nickname used as a term of endearment by many of my friends to address me. But there is much more behind this word than meets the eye.


By definition Cholo is a term derived from the Spanish conquerors in the 16th century to label American Mestizos who are of American Indian and European blood, such as myself and a large majority of North and South Americans.
It originates from “Nahuatl” the language of the Aztecs and was eventually Hispanicized.

The original word was Xoloitzcuintli, where the X is pronounced somewhere between the English SH and CH. The Spanish had no letter for this sound and used the X as a placeholder.


Today this word holds many definitions in various cultures.
My connection to this is a term most commonly used in The United States to label Chicano (Mexican/American) gang members, which I myself was surrounded by and involved in throughout my upbringing.
Many years later when I learned the true meaning and origin of this word, I realized that it not only defined my Aztec Indian ancestry but also my Spanish and French ancestries.
This gave me a new found joy and pride to be called Cholo.


Inherited from his Aztec ancestors, the highest priority for a Cholo is his appearance.
He takes pride in the perfect presentation of his character from head to toe - this being an important issue within his gang in order to receive respect from his peers. Emulating his ancestral Aztec culture his appearance dictates his status in the tribe - or as we would say today, in society.


Like the Cholo, the modern man takes pride in his appearance and masculinity.
Successful in his career, he is self-confident, uncompromising and not afraid to express himself.
He lives his life on the edge – this is why I call him the Urban Cholo.


Trinidad Bermúdez



At the age of 16 Trinidad started his dance education in classical ballet with Patricia Denise at Stanley Holden Dance Center. He continued his training thereafter under scholarship with The San Francisco Ballet School, The School of American Ballet and Joffrey Ballet School.


At 19 years old Trinidad began his career as a professional dancer at The Joffrey Ballet in New York followed by Basel Ballet and Zurich Ballet in Switzerland.
Only 7 years after starting his dance training, Trinidad was hired by Ballet Arizona in U.S.A. as principal dancer at the young age of 23 - leading to a spectacular career as lead dancer in some of the most highly respected and renowned companies in the world.

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